A Trip Down the Cobbles: 60 Years of Coronation Street

A Trip Down the Cobbles: 60 Years of Coronation Street We take a look back at some of the best (well, funniest) moments of the last 60 years... It certainly won’t be news to tell you that Manchester is known for its mastery of the arts – we’ve given birth to some of the industry’s most renowned musicians, huge production companies now flock to our city to film, and of course… we have bragging rights to the man behind Ken ‘real-life Casanova’ Barlow. After all, where would we be if Tony Warren

Mam Tor —

Arguably the star attraction of the Peak District, Cave Dale and Mam Tor attracts walkers from all across the globe. Standing at 517 metres tall, Mam Tor sits on the edge of the Dark Peak and the White Peak — boasting spectacular views for miles around, including every photographer’s favourite: Winnats Pass. On a really clear day, you can even see our city in all its glory — keep an eye out for a good weather day before you plan your trek, the views are definitely worth it.

Meet the Ethical Stockport-based Clothing Brand: Marmalade Vintage

If there’s one thing us Mancunians are good at, it’s wearing our unique fashion sense with pride. Gone are the days of London being crowned as the UK’s fashion capital – because away from the big smoke, a fashion revolution is taking place and it’s happening right here in our great city. We’ve put ourselves firmly on the fashion map in recent years, but in true Mancunian style, we’ve affirmed ourselves in a way that says “we do trends a little differently here”. With a bigger focus on shoppin

Give back to yourself during the season of giving: The Anniversary Effect | Student Magazine - Student Pages

The festive period can often be an overwhelming time of year for everybody – the big shop, the big to-do-list and the big question on everybody’s mind: what will Christmas look like for us all in the midst of a global pandemic? If you’ve found yourself struggling to cope with your emotions with no real catalyst as to why, familiarising yourself with ‘The Anniversary Effect’ and a quick glance at the calendar may help. Sometimes called Anniversary Reaction, the Anniversary Effect is a unique se

Weekend Walks: Happy Valley Loop

Stopfordians: is Bramhall Park a firm favourite among your local lockdown routes? The Tudor manor house and its surroundings certainly make for a great day out, pandemic or not. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, and the hall and its residual 60-acre grassland form a large part of Stockport’s history. It’s one of the borough’s best kept treasures – and with its 16th century paintings, striking Elizabethan plaster ceiling and Victorian kitchens giving this manor house a unique charm – th

Getting Lost in Nature

“Get lost” — a top-tier primary school insult. But actually getting lost? Not so much. That said, some of our fondest moments have arisen from having lost our way outdoors. There’s something freeing in having lost track of the route you were supposed to follow — instead finding a new one, bonding with your walking bud (with a few panic modes thrown in) as you try and get back to civilisation. And the same can be said for all aspects of our lives.

The Best Mancunian phrases that we NEED to start using again...

The Best Mancunian phrases that we need to start using again… In less than a year, the global pandemic has changed pretty much every aspect of our lives. Alongside a plethora of restrictions, it’s given us a whole host of new words and sayings – ‘furlough’, ‘social distancing’, and for a brief period: ‘do you know anywhere that’s got loo roll, mate?’. Most of these are pretty unwelcome additions to our ever-expanding dialect here up north, given the life-constricting meanings they symbolise.

Weekend Walks: The Bridgewater Way

Including walks to Dunham Massey, Sale Water Park, Lymm and more... You may be more familiar with the Bridgewater Canal for all of its day-drinking and after dark offerings. After all, can you think of a better way to spend a sunny day in Manchester than sipping on an Espresso Martini at Duke’s 92? We certainly can’t. But as the weather and lockdown restrictions have put a sure stop to our daytime merriment for the time being – did you know the Bridgewater Way has a whole host of alcohol-free delights to lap up?

Weekend Walks: Lud’s Church

Completed all of Manchester’s waterways? Need a new place to get the steps in? We might be straight out of lockdown and into the highest tier, but that doesn’t mean a top-tier day out is fully off the cards. Just a short trip out of the city centre will take you a step back in time, instead. Contrary to its name, you won’t find a church in sight along this route on the outskirts of Buxton and Macclesfield – but you will step straight into a prehistoric landscape that wouldn’t feel out of place

Dreaming of post-isolation? Coronavirus has created an epidemic of weird dreams

If your slumbers have been turned on their head during quarantine, you’re not alone. As the UK enters its sixth week of lockdown, the real world is starting to feel dreamlike, and the dreamlike real. People across the world are reporting a huge increase in strange and graphic dreams amidst the coronavirus pandemic – from taking on enemies in your own James Bond film, to turning into giant jigsaw pieces as we try to understand the puzzle that is life after lockdown, societies everywhere seem to

To Grad Job, or not to Grad Job? | Student Magazine - Student Pages

It’s the start of third year. Already, there’s talk of grad schemes. There’s talk of your future. Everybody’s asking that dreaded question: ‘so, what are you doing after Uni?’. I have no idea, you answer. In actual fact, you’ve applied for every graduate job you’ve come across in the twenty tabs open on your laptop. But, unlike most of your housemates and (pretty much) the entirety of your course – you’ve not heard back from a single one. Should you panic?
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