Aneesa Sheikh on taking fate into her own hands

We all have that one moment that changes us forever. A song you heard on the radio, a scary movie you watched with your equally petrified friends, a book you couldn’t put down that placed you on a new path you never even considered before turning the first page. For new kid on the block, Aneesa Sheikh, that turning point took a more figurative form. Falling in love with Santana’s “Black Magic Women” after watching her sister skate to it, it was the spark that ignited her passion for music. Soon

Exclusive: UHURU Interview –

Heavy, melodic and ‘kind of weird in places’, fast-rising electronic duo UHURU continue to trample all that stands in their path with their distinctive sound. Comprised of Connor Daniel and Robert Jones, the once-four-piece downsized to create the experimental end-product they’re now renowned for – a fusion of dance, electronica and R&B. The result? The freshest and most vibrant-sounding tracks around. Originally hailed for their electro-house and Chase and Status covers, UHURU’s sound now kn

Jauz: Debut Albums and Manifesting your Own Reality –

Most people can recall a memory that transformed the rest of their lives. Perhaps watching a movie altered the way you viewed the world, or a childhood encounter set off a string of hobbies that would later form the foundations of your future career. For American Dj Jauz, it was the latter that paved the way for his footings into the industry. From just the age of 6, his musical purpose was mapped out. “One of my earliest memories is being in Chicago,” Jauz tells us. “I can’t remember where we

Festival Review: Blackthorn –

While the sun may have been amiss across Manchester this weekend, the musical class which radiated from the idyllically situated Blackthorn Festival certainly was not. Charmingly located in one of Britain’s first country parks, Blackthorn is a family-friendly festival with a millennial twist. Where else can you play frisbee with your mates in a field that is home to Pete Doherty’s tour bus? Hosting an array of local talent, big named acts, burgeoning underground performances and all-round good

Mansionair Exclusive: ‘Grey area – a unique boldness, not a vague categorisation.’ –

Standing out and making a dent on the music scene can be pretty tough. With only so many tonal notes of the musical world to choose from, how is it possible to create a sound that is fresh, unique and gets its listener reared and ready to go? Some artists nail this process with ease, making it look as effortless as scrolling through your newsfeed instead of working on that assignment with the imminently-pending deadline looming. Student Pages Magazine spoke to Mansionair’s drummer, Alex Nicholls

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